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Thoughts, stories and ideas on design and education

Studying an Online Master’s Program-1

As I am in the middle of an online master's program at the University of British Columbia (UBC), I think is was time to share my adventure abroad with a master's degree, accordingly with the program I am studying. This adventure began on the summer of 2015. Linda...

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Learning How to Learn: Online Course at

So as a fan of online learning and learning when I stumbled upon the course of Learning how to learn by San Diego University at You might understand my enthusiasm. I will not go to much detail about the course content, however if you want to have a...

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Online Language Learning Part 3: Exams

So I've passed Online Greek Course (at least it seems like I have because I'm still waiting for my certificate). The exam was just like the course, in a powerpoint format, but this time different from the midterm, for each question slide is on for 10 seconds. The exam...

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Online Language Learning Part 2: Online Sessions

As I have said earlier, I started a Greek languagte course online by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The course is about to be completed, we will have our final exam next week. Last time I introduced briefly the online sessions which are done at least one...

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Online Language Learning Part 1: First Impressions

So I started a language learning program from a university that teaches Greek. I found the course in the university's website and saw that the dates are fine by me. It starts in Mid August till the end of September just before the school starts. There is an...

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As an interior architect/academician I learned/have been learning lots of things from internet and digital environments a lot. Like, If you are not sure what to write when writing a paper, making a brain dump and simply writing whatever comes to your mind without...

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