As an interior architect/academician I learned/have been learning lots of things from internet and digital environments a lot. Like, If you are not sure what to write when writing a paper, making a brain dump and simply writing whatever comes to your mind without editing can work (I  wrote this exact post in that way).Just like the difference between hidden and overhead lines in plan view is the differences of the length of the dashes.

I’m not sure whether or not some of this information are being already covered in a classroom environment, however I feel like the experience of learning it in a digital environment is significantly different. How? Is it better? Is it for the long-term? I don’t know. But I want to find the ways of using technology to learn and teach better.

Today,there are lots of platforms which carries education beyond the typical classroom environment like Coursera, Youtube or Duolingo. I’m excited to see if it will be also the case for design education. I’m willing to explore how can it be and share my experiences with you.

I hope that this will be a resource for both me and for whoever is interested in the new potential of design education. I will post in bilingual since I suppose not many people, from my side of the world, benefit from design and education news as much as they need. Let’s begin!

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