Online Language Learning Part 1: First Impressions

So I started a language learning program from a university that teaches Greek. I found the course in the university’s website and saw that the dates are fine by me. It starts in Mid August till the end of September just before the school starts. There is an application fee and some documents to send but these too can be handled via internet. So I applied. It has been three weeks and I recommend to everyone who wants to learn a language.

First of all, You have to login to a website in which all lecture materials are uploaded. We use a similar system in our university and I’m sure each student who is familiar with it can use it easily. It basically has the same interface. In this website before the lecture, our instructor uploads the necassary material like glossary or transcripts of the audio dialogues in pdf format. Every time she uploads a unit, she also send the notification via e-mail.

Each week we have one unit to complete. Each unit has two parts such as Unit 1a and Unit 1b. These units are uploaded in the website. Once you enter the link of the unit you will see a powerpoint presentation. This powerpoint presentation continues as you complete the necessary work. The content of the things that you should complete is very basic and not so challenging though according to me. For instance most of the exercises are drag and drops or word match-up. Not a strong exercise if you want to learn how to write Greek in my opinion.nnAnd the lack of writing exercises is one of the pitfalls of this system. You can listen to music, watch conversational videos even talk with a Greek however, writing exercises are not carefully implemented in the powerpoint units.

Each week we also have an online session with the tutor. For this we use another platform called BigBlueButton. With the link that our tutor send us each week, we log in to the system . You can talk your classmates and your tutor face to face.nnWell that’s all for this part. As I proceed I will continue to share my experiences.

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