Online Language Learning Part 3: Exams

So I’ve passed Online Greek Course (at least it seems like I have because I’m still waiting for my certificate). The exam was just like the course, in a powerpoint format, but this time different from the midterm, for each question slide is on for 10 seconds.

The exam consisted of listening, reading and grammar tests. I actually can not remember how many slides/ questions were there, however test lasts almost 45 min. There were two listening parts which were followed by 10 multi-choice questions.Listening and reading is less than half of the exam. The main focus was given to the grammer questions.

After the online test,as it is expected we have to write a short text 80-100 words in Greek and send it to our instructor via e-mail. There were two subjwcts and you can select from one of them. I chose to write a text to a hypothetical friend who supposedly gained weight and asked for my advice. After we completed our tasks, in our last online session, we browsed the exam once again and gave our greetings.

After our last online session, the instructor gave us an evaluation form and asked for our feedback.

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