Studying an Online Master’s Program-1

As I am in the middle of an online master’s program at the University of British Columbia (UBC), I think is was time to share my adventure abroad with a master’s degree, accordingly with the program I am studying.

This adventure began on the summer of 2015. Linda Harasim’s Learning Theory and Online Technologies, which I read during the summer season, introduced me to new educational opportunities. Towards the end of the book, UBC’s Master of Educational Technology (MET) program is introduced as one of the innovative online learning programs and immediately caught my attention.

During those days, I worked hard with design students. I noticed that although students have problems with themselves, instructors and with their job at hand in the studio, they manage to overcome these problems online and communicate with each other more easily (thanks to WhatsApp or YouTube). I encountered the book and the graduate programs while I was asking questions for an education model that actively blends design education with technology. I was also attracted by the fact that these programs are online and asynchronous. I started my research.

The first website that I had visited is of the UBC’s MET program. They offer two different options, a master program or a certificate program. The certificate program is designed mainly for people who have graduate degree and want to have a thorough knowledge of online education. Certificate program is divided into two main headings: Adult education or education for school aged students.

The Master’s Degree is especially preferred by instructors in the British Columbia region because the Teacher Quality Service -which aims to increases teachers’ qualities increase the ratings of teachers if they complete a masters degree. For me, this program caught my eye because it was one of the oldest, most detailed and most affordable programs of all the others that I have researched.

I will share in detail the other universities, their application papers and my application process. For now I want to share sharing this blog which helped me to identify these other universities. This blog is of Tony Bates an educator and businessman devoted himself to online education. There are a couple of helpful posts if you are interested in online education.


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