Online Education: Two and a half years later

2.5 years have passed since my last blog post. During these years except from a lot of spam in the comment box, there are many changes in the world and in particular in the educational world. Due to the pandemic that we’re still struggling with, many educators and students had to have a quick start to online education. In this quick adaptation process, any experience will be beneficial to increase the quality of online education in the future.

In order to support this experience and to revisit the past 2.5 years I spent as a student in University of British Columbia’s Master of Educational Technology, I return to this blog to remember and reflect.

I want to construct this blog as an eportfolio that is also a part of UBC’s ETEC590 course during the next weeks. I will reflect on each and every course that I took, what I experienced and how collectively we solved problems. Next week, I will start with Design of Technology-Supported Learning Environments. A course in which I used many novel technologies to communicate my thoughts. You can see a brief definition of this course here. See you next week.

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